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Stephen West: Protandim Scammer Profile

The following is a closely paraphrased version of the comment and research by Vogel:

The latest jerk who’s illegally promoting Protandim as a disease cure is Pro 6 LifeVantage distributor Stephen West. This [jerk] is particularly dangerous because not only is he fraudulently promoting Protandim as a disease cure but he’s also fraudulently promoting himself as a "doctor" and a "healer". He illegally uses "Dr." in front of his name and claims to have a doctorate in "lymphology" – however no such degree exists and "lymphology" is nothing more than pseudoscientific BS.

Here is his disclaimer regarding the BS mail order degrees he professes to hold. Legit degrees don't require lengthy disclaimers.

Here is one of West’s Protandim promo pages. This page contains some whopping lies about Protandim, such as the following:

“Dr Joe McCord also discovered the Protandim formula and has been nominated for 4 Nobel Prizes in Medicine.”
“It can take six to seven months or longer for some people to really begin to see some of the long term positive effects of Protandim.”

Side note: You don't "discover" a proprietary mixture of ingredients. Also McCord didn't contribute significantly to Protandim by his own admission. Finally Nobel Prize nominations are anonymous and any of thousands of people can nominate any thousands of people.

This comment from West was gobsmacking too; amazingly, West waxes enthusiastically about how it caused loss of appetite…hardly a good thing:

“The first 3 months of being on the product... Missing a meal two or three times a week (or more) went almost un-noticed as I was traveling and very busy. During a lunch break in the middle of a Saturday workshop in Huntington Beach, CA, someone asked me if I was hungry and I said, ‘Not really’ — and it was then that I realized it had been 24 hours since I had eaten anything.”

West then goes on to illegally promote Protandim as a treatment for diabetes:

“One of the new success stories that has come up was someone with Diabetes who noticed a real measurable improvement after 7 months of consistent Protandim use.”

Then he tacitly acknowledges that distributors (like him) are not allowed to promote the product for the treatment of diseases (which he already did) and then tells people to just go ahead and do it anyway using PubMed as the vehicle (promotion using PubMed in this manner is still illegal).

“23 different independent studies by different independent universities began over 5 years ago and now some of them have been published, all on different diseases which names we’ve been told not to disclose on our websites, but we can point you to them so you can discover them for yourself.”

Then the moron basically suggested that people should skip meals and use their food money to buy Protandim instead:

“How much money do you spend each month on food? (After 3 months Dr West noticed that this was paying for Protandim alone.)”

For more insight into the dangerous quack-antics of this piece of human excrement, check out the following pages; be prepared to laugh, and cry.
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Looking for the complete story about LifeVantage Protandim? Read Lazy Man and Money's post about Protandim.

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