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Kirby Zenger, LifeVantage COO, Illegally Claims Protandim is a Cancer Drug (and a Whole Lot More!)

[Yet another amazing piece of research from Vogel. The article is a mixture of some of his words and some of mine...]

Here's a video from a LifeVantage distributor meeting in Baton Rouge, LA. LiveVantage's Chief Operations Officer, Kirby Zenger, makes some atrociously false and misleading claims about the company and its products.

Here are key excerpts of Zenger's presentation.

At the 3:42 mark:

"We will be different and here's why…First, of all, our science. Go to PubMed; do whatever you need to; don't oversell it. The most beautiful thing you guys have right here is LSU confirmed EVERYTHING. And it confirmed that Protandim works against the what? [Audience member replies: 'cancer']. The BIG C! Who gets that anywhere in the world, including Pharma companies? If we ONLY had that, you guys, we will WIN. We got 8 others so far; 20 others in the works. No one can touch us; they won't touch us for YEARS. Is that cool? Is the science backed up by our own lab? No. It’s backed up by independent third-party research. It’s done in context with an Elliott Cresson Award medal winner. Why didn't he sell out for a big check years ago? Why? Because he's the right-minded people like all of us are; we want something different for everybody, not just ourselves. That’s why none of us took big checks in a [inaudible]; that's why he hasn't taken a big check in a [inaudible]. It's more important to make a bigger larger contribution. OK. That science will be unparalleled for a long time."

"What’s the second point that that does that differentiates? The regulators LOVE US! You guys might be thinking 'oh the FDA's gonna shut these guys down’. And from my perspective and our experience the FDA is gonna love us; point to us. 'Be like LifeVantage'! 'Go get this kind of science and then we'll allow you to do some of the things that we think that this industry should do with supplements'...My point is, the FDA is gonna say what? 'Cool company, cool science'."

"What's the FTC going to say? The other regulatory body that watches our industry. Are we up here going, 'He makes 10 grand a month, he makes 40 grand a month, here's my check.' Do we do that? [Audience member answers No]."

The above quote is clear evidence that LifeVantage implies and intends its supplement Protandim to treat cancer. As we found out in the article, LifeVantage President Encourages Distributors to Break FDA and FTC Laws, this is illegal. Protandim has not undergone the necessary clinical trials or even attempted to get approval from the FDA for this claim.

Here are some more points on that chunk:

On to the 6:53 mark:

"Normally, everybody's in the game to what? Get the check! I buy 200 to 5000 dollars worth a product a month and stash it in my garage so I can get that check. Here they don't. Nine out of ten people you talk to will want the product. They may want to join you in the business – YET – but they'll want the product. Unusual! FTC loves us! It's not a house of cards. Wall Street loves it because you have predictable forecast-able (sic) income on those monthly authorships of all these consumers who are merely enjoying the byproducts of health. Killer! Killer for you."

Telling distributors that 9 out of 10 people they talk to will want the product is one of the worst LFVN lies ever told. I can't imagine that it's even as good as 1 in 50.

08:35 --

"Nine out of ten (MLM companies) fail for what reasons? Undercapitalized, bad business plan, bad product, and the worst component in my mind – bad people."

Well Kirby Zenger certainly has the "bad people" covered part of LifeVantage. This website has shown many other bad people lying and misleading others as well. So I guess we can expect LifeVantage to fail.

10:05 –

"You get to see our misfires as well as our successes in a public company -- it is transparent as a protection for you. We've beaten off most of the naysayers and the bad plays, and now every quarter you can see whether we’re smart or we’re goofy, and you can get as a shareholder base new people in place if you wanted to. Powerful protection!”

They haven't "beaten off" any naysayers that I've seen. This website now has dozens of articles and LifeVantage hasn't responded to a single one. The company is pumping and selling LFVN stock to their own distributors, just like they do with the products. This is yet another pyramid scheme within a pyramid scheme.

Furthermore, it's a horrible idea to invest in your own company's stock. We saw what happened when Enron employees lost their whole financial future - there job was taken away and the company stock that they invested in because worthless.

In the video, Zenger repeatedly referred to other presentations that were to be given by someone named Ryan, who I presume is LFVN’s VP of sales and marketing, Ryan Thompson. Just a few years ago, Zenger and Thompson were doing the same traveling medicine show BS with Zrii...

...until Zrii sued Zenger in 2009 and fired both of them, along with several other people who immediately were given top level distributor positions and sales tools franchises with LFVN.

For what it's worth, Zenger also made a couple of indirect comments in the video about "ministries" and military service (14:55) indicting that his audience members were former military and involved in some kind of church ministry. I mention that only because it adds to the image of exploitation. Our servicemen certainly deserve better than to be robbed by some smooth talking reptile in a cheap suit.

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Looking for the complete story about LifeVantage Protandim? Read Lazy Man and Money's post about Protandim.
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