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Dr. Joe McCord’s Role at LifeVantage

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LifeVantage makes a big deal about Dr. Joe McCord. However a little research shows this is unwarranted.

For example, LifeVantage lied about Joe McCord inventing Protandim. The true inventor of Protandim is Paul Myhill who has no background in science. Paul Myhill admits the following in an interview with Blogtalk radio:

"Because the core composition came from a very unlikely source – me – we initially decided to hide that fact for marketing purposes and instead rely on the impeccable background of Dr. McCord."

Having said that, it's worth asking who much Dr. Joe McCord was paid to be part of the deception. A look into the company's SEC files shows that Dr. Joe McCord’s Financial Interest In LifeVantage/Protandim is significant which included a 10% ownership in the company when he signed on in 2004, worth millions. Since then he's been granted over a million stock options meaning that he can gain millions more if the company performs well.

In this sense, Dr. Joe McCord is acting as a celebrity endorser, which is best summed up in this Dave Chappelle short comedy bit (note: minor adult language):

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Looking for the complete story about LifeVantage Protandim? Read Lazy Man and Money's post about Protandim.
4 Responses to “Dr. Joe McCord’s Role at LifeVantage”
  1. Dr. Joe McCord’s Financial Interest In LifeVantage/Protandim | Protandim Scams Says:

    […] He gets 50 cents for every bottle sold. According to the latest quarterly numbers, LifeVantage’s revenue (product sold) is $10 Million dollars. At $50 a bottle he gets roughly 1 percent of that. Quick math shows that to be $100,000 for the quarter – or $400,000 for the year. For a guy that perpetuated the lie that he invented Protandim for years, a wise consumer should be very skeptical of anything he says – Joe McCord’s compensation is directly tied to his role of marketing the product. […]

  2. Putting the Protandim-Navy Rumor to Rest | Protandim Scams Says:

    […] It’s true enough to satisfy someone blinded by gullibility and/or greed anyway. Fortunately if you are reading this, you likely already know Dr. Joe McCord’s Role at LifeVantage. […]

  3. » LifeVantage and Dr. Joe McCord Lied about the Creation of Protandim? Says:

    […] clearly shows that McCord is with LifeVantage as a spokesman, and as of the filing on October 13, 2005 – 8 months after the herbal Protandim replaced CMX-1152 […]

  4. MLM Distributors asking for Credentials | Health MLM Scam Says:

    […] Finally, while we are on the topic of fallacies about credentials, I should note Alexander Schauss and Appeals to Authority. This is exactly the same as Joe McCord’s Role at LifeVantage. […]

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