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Chemins (Protandim’s Manufacturer) Used Illegal Manufacturing Practices

In an April 12, 2004 press release Lifeline Nutraceuticals issued a press release about enlisting Chemins as the manufacturer of Protandim CF (what is known as Protandim today):

"Lifeline has established a key partnership in order to expedite the production and delivery of Protandim CF.

Lifeline has enlisted The Chemins Company (Chemins) of Colorado Springs, CO to produce the product under a contract manufacturing agreement. Chemins was founded in 1974 by James Cameron, an industry visionary determined to bring high-quality nutritional products to consumers. The 200-employee work-force operates in a 300,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility producing specialty formulas for a wide range of dietary supplements. Chemins was chosen because of its unparalleled formulary expertise, dedication to quality assurance, and high-volume manufacturing capabilities."

It is worth noting that the company was chosen due to its "dedication to quality assurance." More likely it was due was to the geographic location of Lifeline's home base in Colorado.

Chemins' "Dedication to Quality"

[Editor's Note: The following comes courtesy of Vogel. It is a summary of information that can be found here as well as numerous other places.]

"The back story, in a nutshell, is that in the late 90s Chemins manufactured a supplement product (Formula One) that was falsely claimed to be 'all natural' when in fact Chemins was secretly (and illegally) spiking the products with ephedrine and caffeine. The product was linked to several cases of death and injury.

James Cameron, CEO and founder of Chemins, obstructed a followup criminal investigation by the FDA, falsified records, lied, and had employees hide the illicit ingredients to avoid prosecution. The scam eventually got busted when some meth dealers were caught transporting barrels full of ephedrine (which is an ingredient that is also to manufacture methamphetamine) that were obtained from Chemins.

The final outcome is that in 2000, Cameron was convicted of fraud, sentenced to serve 21 months in prison, and fined $2.3 (one FDA source said that it was $4.7 million). Not long after Cameron’s sentence was complete, LFVN announced that Chemins would be the manufacturer of Protandim.

So instead of [LifeVantage] developing their original much ballyhooed peptide formulation from Ceremedix, they turned around and used Myhill’s recipe for the mundane version of Protandim as we now know it (containing common ingredients found in most household cupboards, such as tea and turmeric), and, amazingly, selected Chemins, as the manufacturer -- a disgraced and disreputable company whose CEO (a blatant liar and felon) added prohibited ingredients to the supplements his company manufactured, was responsible for the death and injury of consumers, and was convicted of fraud and sent to jail."

If LifeVantage considers such history a sign of "dedication to quality assurance" one can only imagine the standards they hold for their own company.

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Looking for the complete story about LifeVantage Protandim? Read Lazy Man and Money's post about Protandim.
11 Responses to “Chemins (Protandim’s Manufacturer) Used Illegal Manufacturing Practices”
  1. Charles Says:

    You need to update. Protandim is made in a facility in Provo, Utah, not by Chemins. Give a call to LifeVantage customer service for the address.

  2. Protandim Scams Says:

    I thought by using the past-tense I covered that. Let me know if I made it sound like they were still using them today.

  3. Vogel Says:

    “Chemins was chosen because of its unparalleled formulary expertise, dedication to quality assurance”

    Somebody at LFVN should be smacked upside the head with a 2 by 4 for telling that whopper.

  4. Tom Says:

    Nice to know but, has the manufacturing location changed? Is this another one of your blogs to invalidate the product? The labels on the bottles says it is formulated and distributed from UT. It seems to me that you are stating that Chemins is the current manufacturer. Am I understanding you correctly? Otherwise, correct yourself.

  5. Protandim Scams Says:

    I don’t know if the manufacturing location has changed. I leave that as an exercise for the reader.

    I don’t believe I am stating the Chemins is the current manufacturer. One example of that is the title which is in the past tense.

    I believe this article is important from a historical context to show the lack of wise decision making from this company. This is especially true since the product doesn’t seem to have changed since the time the company made the poor choices.

    The wise consumer asks that if the company could pick such a poor manufacturing facility with all the information publicly available to them… what other things did they overlook when it comes to more complicated decisions like creating the formulation of the product? Also if the company puts out a press release praising a facility like Chemins, what other ways are they trying to deceive customers and the public?

  6. Tom Says:

    Of course, of course picking such a poor manufacturing facility is detrimental to the company. But if corrective action has been taken, can one say that the protandim is still tainted?

    So, it’s about dishonesty, right? Past and present? What should matter is what Lifevantage is doing now to avoid further criticism and invalidate all that they stand for.

  7. Protandim Scams Says:

    I’m not sure anyone is still saying that Protandim is tainted. It isn’t clear that just because they used Chemins it was ever tainted. If the manufacturing facility has indeed changed, we don’t know if that manufacturer taints its products or not. It might… it might not.

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  9. lonnie Says:

    Sir or madam, what exactly is your intent with this post and this entire blogsite for that matter? I just don’t see the point. I’m sorry, but none of us know who you are or what your background is. Providing this to the reader will allow us to decide if you are worthy of any credibility whatsoever. My guess is that you are not. Please let us know your background so we know if you have any expertise in the manufacture of supplements or pharmaceutical products.
    Have a wonderful day!

    [Editor’s Note: This is not the venue for you to promote your blog.]

  10. Protandim Scams Says:


    The purpose of this post was summed up in the last sentence. I don’t see a purpose in repeating it when it is already there. The intent of this blog is clearly sited on the About page.

    The comments of this post are for discussing this post only, so if you have a question about LifeVantage’s choice of Chemins we can discuss that here.

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